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This file is a work in progress.  A hard-working volunteer has been reading microfilm from the 1950's, and supplying us with the results of his research.  A reference staff member then enters the data as she gets time.

Status of this project:  indexed most completely:  1952-1954.

Stray entries for other dates in the 1950's are present, however.  If a staff person was doing research in the microfilm and located an obituary from this time period, the data has been entered.  

The file provides a selective index to obituaries and other biographical articles appearing in the Bethlehem Globe-Times newspaper.  

The scope of the indexing is limited to those individuals who were born, lived or died within the communities of Bethlehem, Fountain Hill, Bethlehem Township, Lower Saucon, Freemansburg, and Hanover Township.  

Each entry includes the date, page and column number of the original article; the headline; and additional explanatory information at times.  Maiden names are included if known.

To request the full text of an article, refer to the instructions on the Information home page.                                              

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